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GT Sport: balazsb1987 Stats

Last actions on K' for Gran Turismo Sport
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K' Speed Score (regional)69.07 Times (+0.36)
Current CarAudi R8 LMS (Audi Sport Team WRT) '15
Distinct Days Game Access146
Sport Mode Races282 | Finished: 278 (278*)
Sport Mode Performances25,701 (in the Top 3%) Details
Sport Mode Sportmanship (SR)99/99 Details
Sport Mode Wins9 (9*) | Daily: 9 / FIA: 0
Sport Mode Consecutive Clean Races5
Sport Mode Pole Position8 | Daily: 8 / FIA: 0
Sport Mode Leading Laps2.9% | Daily: 3.3% | FIA: 0%
Sport Mode Fastest Laps15
Campaign School100 %
Campaign Circuit51 %
Campaign Mission31 %
Car(s) bought25
Credits earned15,992,140 Details
Mi earned178,441 Details
Xp Level35 | 62% (18549 pts)
Distance driven24,642.944 Km Details
Time driven7 days, 19 hours, 21 min and 56 s.
Country Hungary
Profile iD7128209 (Link to Official)

*: The Gran Turismo server has also stored this value for this profile. The reason for the discrepancy is uncertain, but if you delete or lose your saved game, this number probably precludes races prior to the deletion or incident. If you have played the demo, races performed during the demonstration period may not be included.

DR Profile History

The graph represents the evolution of the online rating over the days played in Sport Mode for the given player. The horizontal axis ignores days without play time in Sport Mode.
Colors Area match theorical Player's Performance Class: E (1), D (2-3,999), C (4,000-9,999), B (10,000-29,999), A (30,000-49,999) and S (50,000-75,000).

SR Profile History

The graph represents the evolution of online rating over the days played in Sport Mode for the given player. Horizontal Axis ignores days without Sport Mode play time. Colors Area match Player's Behavior Class (from E to A, then S).
A low SR score can limit the DR Class, and even reset the DR score to predefined values (7000 pts if SR dive below 5, 20,000 pts below 15 and 50,000 pts below 30.
DayDriver PointsDR*Manner PointsSR
DR is usually determined by Driver Points, but a low Manner Points value can prevent a player to reach a DR rank. Driver Points to DR rules changed the 6th December of 2017. Since the rare S rank is granted once, it doesn't appear in these historic data.

Time Attack times

World RankTimeWorld Gap %TrackLeaderboardDay
60600:41.8875.106Brands Hatch Indy Circuit2019-09-262019-09-26
63031:09.9157.701Red Bull Ring Short Track2019-09-122019-09-12
36191:01.9473.039Suzuka Circuit East Course2019-08-292019-08-29
42621:35.4267.809Willow Springs International Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs2019-08-152019-08-15
87379:03.25213.321Nürburgring Nordschleife2019-08-152019-08-15
Results are included here the day after an event closes. Time Attack times are not part of K' Speed Score.

Daily Race Qualifications

K' Speed Score: 69.07. Score based on the best 50 out of 74 times. Set a time with a gap < 3.09% to improve this score.. Click here to see your target times.

Region RankTimeRegion Gap %TrackLeaderboardK'
114521:31.2593.843Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit2020-02-23X
38062:06.1282.783Nürburgring GP2020-02-16X
67931:46.5124.819WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca2020-02-02X
206192:00.2934.868Nürburgring GP2020-02-02X
43551:06.3812.576Tsukuba Circuit2020-02-02X
233072:26.19615.610Tokyo Expressway - East Outer Loop2019-09-15
12631:29.8401.640Red Bull Ring2019-09-15X
44041:21.9242.951Sardegna - Road Track - B II2019-09-08X
15132:04.9272.691Fuji International Speedway (Short)2019-09-08X
7112:09.2181.757Suzuka Circuit2019-09-01X
10741:05.9351.595Tsukuba Circuit2019-08-25X
12721:46.4682.334Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Grand Prix Layout2019-08-18X
8611:04.5161.573Suzuka Circuit East Course2019-08-18X
8792:32.1071.945Suzuka Circuit2019-08-11X
141201:36.2595.033KYOTO DRIVING PARK - YAMAGIWA2019-08-11X
278371:02.66713.733Tsukuba Circuit2019-08-04
17242:06.1161.963Nürburgring GP2019-07-28X
93941:21.9233.888Sardegna - Road Track - B2019-07-14X
14861:30.1082.199Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit2019-07-14X
18081:38.1383.274Autodrome Lago Maggiore - East2019-07-14X
13551:29.4312.524Goodwood Motor Circuit2019-07-07X
25892:01.3292.737Suzuka Circuit2019-07-07X
1641:11.7270.951Tsukuba Circuit2019-06-30X
10622:09.2721.745Suzuka Circuit2019-06-23X
84981:34.8168.836Tokyo Expressway - Central Outer Loop2019-06-23
11112:02.3992.266Fuji International Speedway (Short)2019-06-16X
235091:21.71510.636Goodwood Motor Circuit2019-06-09
99321:40.3734.031Dragon Trail - Seaside2019-06-09X
7650:58.2941.586Suzuka Circuit East Course2019-05-05X
94881:30.3563.136Red Bull Ring2019-04-28X
152891:53.1597.142Suzuka Circuit2019-04-21
7601:11.7201.327Tsukuba Circuit2019-04-21X
23431:46.9813.009Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Grand Prix Layout2019-04-14X
141331:31.7265.111Autodrome Lago Maggiore - West II2019-04-14X
76211:57.1426.173Dragon Trail - Gardens2019-04-05
154351:44.0769.078Suzuka Circuit2019-04-05
162161:10.3947.549Suzuka Circuit East Course2019-03-31
5051:11.9531.580Tsukuba Circuit2019-03-24X
30762:09.9922.298Suzuka Circuit2019-03-17X
70892:03.2024.470Suzuka Circuit2019-02-24X
36361:58.3753.580Nürburgring GP2019-02-03X
239012:15.08813.919Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit2019-01-27
38321:51.6364.371Suzuka Circuit2019-01-13X
141022:13.1267.039Tokyo Expressway - East Outer Loop2018-12-23
57822:00.2854.414Autodrome Lago Maggiore - GP II2018-12-23X
127361:41.13514.082Tokyo Expressway - Central Inner Loop2018-12-23
11072:09.6372.233Suzuka Circuit2018-12-16X
209951:29.05910.839Autodromo Nazionale Monza No Chicane2018-12-09
136861:34.4654.357Autódromo de Interlagos2018-12-09X
27730:47.7381.998Autodrome Lago Maggiore - Centre2018-12-09X
27291:37.3202.328Red Bull Ring2018-12-02X
86431:51.08113.102Tokyo Expressway - Central Outer Loop2018-12-02
338561:46.1748.770Dragon Trail - Seaside II2018-11-20
41101:05.5993.426Tsukuba Circuit2018-11-19X
39561:47.5935.096Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Grand Prix Layout2018-11-18X
180342:32.5535.012KYOTO DRIVING PARK - YAMAGIWA+MIYABI2018-11-18X
215961:35.9255.628Autódromo de Interlagos2018-11-09
73941:59.4363.933Nürburgring GP2018-11-04X
159242:04.0834.880Suzuka Circuit2018-10-22X
261511:52.9966.940Dragon Trail - Seaside II2018-10-21
201271:37.6455.798Kyoto Driving Park - Yamagiwa II2018-10-09
350251:47.4767.746Fuji Speedway GT2018-10-03
151471:26.7645.231Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit2018-09-24X
182022:21.0617.741Autodromo Nazionale Monza No Chicane2018-09-22
207692:20.0696.736Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit2018-09-20
380212:18.67212.219Autodrome Lago Maggiore - GP2018-09-16
231511:06.58010.177Red Bull Ring Short Track2018-09-16
170942:01.2825.355Nürburgring GP2018-09-09X
Daily Races from GT Sport release. Results are included here the day after an event closes.

Km Profile History

The graph represents the evolution of distance driven over the days played in all modes for the given player. Horizontal Axis ignores days without play time. Demo data aren't included.

Cr Balance History

The graph represents the evolution of credits balance over the days played in all modes for the given player. Horizontal Axis ignores days without play time. Demo data aren't included.

Mi Balance History

The graph represents the evolution of mileage money balance over the days played in all modes for the given player. Horizontal Axis ignores days without play time. Demo data aren't included.
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