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Gran Turismo 6 Car List

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This is the Gran Turismo 6 cars database (cars list). Here are a few important notes and instructions about its features (which, for the most, require you to be authentified).
  1. Keep track of your cars :
    You add/remove a car to your garage by clicking on the Home icon located on the left of each car entry. Please be aware that this website is not linked to your game (as it would be technicaly impossible to do since your GT6 game doesn't share this kind of information).
  2. Multiple cars :
    to add more than one car for the same model, double-click/tap its Home button. (Does not work on old browsers like IE8, use Compact View instead if needed)
  3. Detailed car page :
    Click on a car name to see a more detailed page with car image, car photos from other K' users, tradable state and a notepad (currently not compatible with IE). Use ctrl+click on the car name to open it in a new tab/window and keep this list open (this works on any link, on any website, actually).
  4. What are P/S/Gift/weird icons? (not on phone)
    P = Premium car (PS3 quality) | S = Standard car (PS2 quality) | Gift = This car is gifted after winning an event in GT6, click the Gift image to now where | DLC = this car is not present on original (1.0) game, click icon to see how to have it (or not...).
  5. What are myPP fields? (not on phone)
    Here you can keep track of minimum and maximum Performance Points of a car you own in GT6, as you can modulate this in the car's settings by adding weigth or retrincting power of the car.
  6. Is this list complete?
    This car list is kept up to date as GT6 evolves.

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1270 model(s) sorted by model Pick a random car!

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VolkswagenBeetle 1100 Standard (Type-11) '49 Street
RR25 HP720 kg 67 Nm 25 to ? W/Kg
40,000 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenBora V6 4MOTION '01 Street
4WD201 HP1540 kg 270 Nm 97 to ? W/Kg
38,910 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenGTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo Race
4WD?? ? ? to ? W/Kg
1,000,000 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenGTI Supersport Vision Gran Turismo Race
4WD503 HP1200 kg 665 Nm ? to ? W/Kg
1,000,000 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenGolf I GTI '76 Street
FF108 HP820 kg 137 Nm 99 to ? W/Kg
15,000 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenGolf IV GTI '01 Street
FF148 HP1280 kg 210 Nm 86 to ? W/Kg
31,500 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenGolf IV GTI Touring Car '01 Race
FF210 HP980 kg -- 160 to 289 W/Kg
156,500 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenGolf IV R32 '03 Street
4WD238 HP1460 kg 319 Nm 121 to ? W/Kg
43,240 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenGolf V GTI '05 Street
FF197 HP1336 kg 280 Nm 110 to ? W/Kg
32,750 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenGolf VI R '10 Street
4WD252 HP1530 kg 330 Nm 123 to ? W/Kg
50,500 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenKarmann Ghia Coupe (Type-1) '68 Street
RR43 HP840 kg 100 Nm 38 to ? W/Kg
21,200 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenKübelwagen Typ 82 '44 Street
RR23 HP725 kg -- 23 to ? W/Kg
245,000 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenLupo Cup Car '00 Race
FF123 HP840 kg 140 Nm 110 to ? W/Kg
30,000 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenLupo GTI '01 Street
FF123 HP975 kg 152 Nm 94 to ? W/Kg
24,160 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenLupo GTI Cup Car (J) '03 Race
FF123 HP1010 kg 152 Nm 91 to ? W/Kg
30,000 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenLupo1.4 '02 Street
FF99 HP933 kg 126 Nm 79 to ? W/Kg
15,490 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenNew Beetle 2.0 '00 Street
FF115 HP1228 kg 170 Nm 70 to ? W/Kg
25,980 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenNew Beetle Cup Car '00 Race
FF201 HP1170 kg 270 Nm 128 to ? W/Kg
25,000 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenNew Beetle RS¡ '00 Street
4WD225 HP1515 kg 319 Nm 111 to ? W/Kg
94,050 Cr
myPP min
VolkswagenPolo GTI '01 Street
FF123 HP1090 kg 152 Nm 84 to ? W/Kg
26,720 Cr
myPP min
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