1965 Mini


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30,000 Cr*
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75HP FWD 1479lbs

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*: This car can't be bought at in-game Auto Show.

Can be won under conditions.
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Car Masteries

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Instant 10000 Skill Influence points
10 Cr
Skill Chains ends 1.5 second later
10 Cr
Influence from Freeroam Skills: +50 %
10 Cr
Skill points grants +200 % Influence points for the next 10 campaign races
10 Cr
Ultimate Skill Chains score: +20 %
5 Cr
Skill Multiplier can go to 7
5 Cr
Combo Skill Score: +20 %
5 Cr
Skill Multiplier increase 3 times faster
5 Cr
Air Skill Score: +20 %
3 Cr
Near Miss Skill Score: +20 %
3 Cr
Wreckage Skill Score: +20 %
3 Cr
Drift and E-Drift Skill Score: +20 %
3 Cr
The first collision doesn't break the current Skill Chain
25 Cr
Skill Multiplier built faster during Skill Songs
1 Cr
In convoy: +10 % Influence from Skills
1 Cr
Instant 5000 Car Collection Influence points
1 Cr
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