2015 BMW

X6 M

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567HP AWD 5185lbs

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Ended Auctions Examples:

ClassPISuccessPriceBuyout PriceData freshness
A719Sold20,00080,000 Cr1015 days
A719Sold15,000100,000 Cr1018 days
A719Sold72,00072,000 Cr1018 days
A719Sold72,00072,000 Cr1018 days
A719Sold72,00072,000 Cr1018 days
S1900No buyer100,000200,000 Cr1018 days
A719No buyer13,000144,000 Cr1020 days
S1876No buyer50,000100,000 Cr1020 days
A719Sold90,00090,000 Cr1020 days
A723No buyer90,000100,000 Cr1021 days
A719Sold21,00072,000 Cr1022 days
S1808Sold30,000170,000 Cr1022 days
A719Sold72,00072,000 Cr1022 days
S2923No buyer110,000200,000 Cr1022 days
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