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Gran Turismo Sport Stats

Last actions on K' for Gran Turismo Sport
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DR score distribution in % of players having completed at least 5 races in Sport Mode

DR Score Range% of Players% Total
A. 1 pts17.117
B. 2-799 pts13.230
C. 800-1,499 pts12.042
D. 1,500-2,199 pts16.459
E. 2,200-3,299 pts9.768
F. 3,301-6,799 pts12.180
G. 6,800-12,000 pts9.590
H. 12,000-75,000 pts10.2100
Statistics based on 55,574 players representing 5,557,400 players (5,151,700 of the final game) on 2018-08-13. The bar graphic only shows DR scores lower than 8100 as this is where most players are packed. Each bar cover 300 DR pts.
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