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This page is a tool to build a custom and clean Gran Turismo 6 cars list, with proper links to their page, then share it on forums around the web. You have three ways to do so:
  1. Add cars one by one
    using the search field below.
  2. OR type/paste their name
    in the format Maker Model, one car per line, optionaly preceding the name by (P) or (S) to distinguish models that exists in both Premium and Standard quality
  3. OR use Carlist page:
    make a list using filtering and sorting on the website main Cars List then use the export button.
Then, KudosPrime will parse your list and try to find them in its database, and output a clean list (that match in-game names) and a url. This tool is limited to 50 cars, additional lines will be ignored.

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